Actress + Producer, Chelsea Alden was born & raised in Southern California. 

She began performing at a young age, often performing in musicals at the local community theater and in youth performance troops; getting her start in the television world commercially when she was only 8 years old.


With multiple film & television credits under her belt, including roles on ABC's "GREY'S ANATOMY", HBO's "VEEP", and recurring on the Ryan Murphy fan favorite, FX's "AMERICAN HORROR STORY", to name a few... She is most well known for her recurring Guest Star role as Mackenzie, the earnest and confident love interest to Tyler Down, on seasons 2 + 3 of the hit drama series "13 REASONS WHY" on Netflix. 

She is also credited alongside Laura Dern, in the 2x Emmy Nominated feature "THE TALE" for HBO, as well as the Blumhouse horror sensation "Unfriended: Dark Web". 

She continues to create and develop her own projects for the future, with a desire to start her own production company and direct.


Currently she just wrapped production as a leading role in the indie feature "DISFLUENCY" alongside Libe Barer & Ariella Barer. She can be seen Guest Starring in season 2 of "I'M SORRY" (just released on Netflix), and in a national Ross commercial - now airing!



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